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Gregory and the Seaweed

Gregory and the Seaweed


One day, Gregory decided to swim across from the little island where he lived, to the big island. The big island always looked very inviting. There was a lovely golden beach with slippery rocks full of seaweed. He swam across and played happily for hours and hours, sliding up and down the rocks and diving into the rock pools. After a while he began to feel very sleepy and fell fast asleep, lying flat out on a seaweed-covered rock.

Now what Gregory didn't know was that on the island was a little croft. In the croft lived a little old lady who came down to the shore everyday to gather seaweed in a huge basket. She would then take the seaweed back to her croft, where she would make it into dye for the wool she had gathered from her sheep. When the wool was the right colour, she would weave it into cloth to make fine clothes.

Whilst Gregory had been busy playing, the little old lady had started on her daily walk across the rocks gathering the seaweed. She soon came to the rock where Gregory lay, and started to gather up the seaweed that covered it. She pulled up a big handful and dropped it into her basket. But who do you think was in it? Yes, Gregory! The next thing Gregory knew, he was slithering down under the seaweed with a big SPLOSH!

To read the rest of this story and more stories about Gregory, please purchase the book, £3.50


Would you like to hear what happened next? The rest of this story, and another ten stories, feature in Volume 1 of "The Magical Adventures of Gregory Green, The Goblin of Toehead" by Joan Fielding


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